Yosemite compatibility?


Is Suitcase Fusion 5 compatible with OS X Yosemite?


I would love to know this also urgently as I would like to update over the weekend so I’m fully updated and ready to go for next week.




Please see this blog post regarding the release by Apple of Yosemite.


Most developers have access to the OS X beta for months in advanced. This is to help Apple and companies prep their software so compatibility issues are reduced when it goes public. Every singe time there is a new release Extensis waits weeks to update their software. It would be fantastic if for once we could have a working program on day one. :unamused:


I completely agree with you, capsule :slightly_smiling:


Ah! I’ve just upgraded to Yosemite and have just now paid for an upgrade from Fusion 4 to 5 (assumed it would be compatible) - haven’t installed yet because the installation instructions don’t correspond with Suitcase Fusion 4, so came here to check it out and found this topic.

When the Yosemite compatible version is ready will I get a free upgrade?


Hey BillC,

If you want to know if you qualify for a free upgrade, you can give us a call at 503-274-7030.



Thanks, I’ll do that soon. But just restarted my Mac and now Suitcase Fusion 4 won’t load -

“Suitcase Fusion has detected an incompatible version of FMCore. Suitcase Fusion can not continue.”

I haven’t run the Suitcase 5 package yet - it’s just sat in Downloads.

This is very worrying as I need it for my business… appreciate any advice.

Thanks :slightly_smiling:


Evening BillC… and greetings from Ireland… :slightly_smiling:

I installed Yosemite on an external drive over the weekend and Suitcase Fusion 5 (Version 16.2.5) works fine on it… the only thing you might have to do is manually activate your client fonts… I can’t remember if I had to do that… but all I know is that it worked fine as I opened many Quark Xpress 10.2.1 document to check how they would behave and all looked good… I will migrate as soon as Quark release 10.5 and Extensis officially support Yosemite… all my Adobe Creative Cloud apps worked perfectly also.

So I would advise installing Suitcase Fusion 5 so you can get back to making money!! :slightly_smiling:



Hey thanks Anthony, I’ll install it now. So far I’m happy with Yosemite and my CC apps and Quark are working fine too :smiley:



Tell me more Bill… what version of Quark Xpress are you using… I;m using 10.2.1… 10.5 out next week fingers crossed… :slightly_smiling:

What machine are you using… I’m using a MacPro 12Core with 512GB SSD plus QTY 3 x 3TB internal hard drives… upgrading from 10.9.5… did you have any critical issues at all… I’m big into Airplay for my music to my hi-fi and AppleTV Gen 3… any issues with that type of stuff as the forums seem to be full with wi-fi and bluetooth probs.

I need my computer for work also… so very nervous to upgrade… I know from bitter experience in the past… no matter how much I test… it’s always something small when I make the official install that trips me up… :frowning:

I have lots of small third party production apps that I like to have in my workflow… Dockstar… but that’s Yosemite compatible now… Attachment Tamer (I’m waiting on that), Mail Perspectives (I’m waiting on that)… Drobo Dasboard etc…

Great to hear you are enjoying the new OS… I’m mad anxious to get updated… but I’m trying to be… SENSIBLE!! :slightly_smiling:



I use a Drobo S for my TimeMachine backups… do you know of a fail proof, easy way to revert or restore back to Mavericks if I tried an update and had issues…? Have you ever done that before…?

I think there’s something called Restore from TimeMachine… but I don’t know much about it… ?



Hi Anthony, I jumped in the deep end!

I’ve been using good old Snow Leopard up until now - extremely stable and ran all the progs flawlessly. But I had to upgrade to Creative Cloud for Dreamweaver’s extra capabilities.

I’m on a older 2.93 quad core Intel Xeon (16GB) with an ATI Radeon HD4870 512MB card. I’d read all kinds of horror stories about upgrading the system so have put it off for years (too long really!). I new, when I went for it on Saturday, that there would be no going back so I backed everything up to an external drive and dived in!

Everything went OK I’m glad to say and Yosemite is behaving. I do notice a bit of a delay when moving widows around but I guess it’s the older graphics card.

I’m using Creative Suite - InDesign, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Illustrator and Photoshop with Filter Forge, OnOne Perfect Photo Suite 9 and Toonit filters - all working OK. Did a job this morning using the new InDesign which went OK (fonts manually activated using Suitcase 4 - which isn’t working anymore!). Baby Universe’s EXDXF filter for Illustrator hasn’t been updated yet which has messed thing up a bit for me but luckily I have a PC with an older Creative Suite on it - just a bit of inconvenience for a while.

Parallels Desktop 10 is running great - no issues so far.

And amazingly, my Quark 8.1.6 is working OK - though not tested it thoroughly as I"m upgrading tonight anyway.

Not sure about restoring back to Mavericks - I was checking out the Adobe forums yesterday and there were a few posts on this topic (amongst the horror stories!).


Legend Bill…

Diving in like that from Snow Leopard… :slightly_smiling: I’m thrilled for the most part all has worked out great for you.

Creative Cloud is the best thing… pity their pricing is a little on the high side… I had a special intro offer of €29.99 + VAT @ 23%… but it will be about €49.99 + VAT next month when my offer ends… so that will hurt for sure… but for all the great regular updates and access to sites like Behance it’s become value for money… kinda… :slightly_smiling:

I’m still testing Yosemite on an external drive… but hard to really know until it goes on my main SSD drive.

Nice to have met you and keep the faith…!! :slightly_smiling:



Cheers Anthony :smiley:

Agree with you regarding Creative Cloud. I’m on the same discount as you and likewise not looking forward to the offer ending! However, I really don’t think it’s a bad thing as it seems to have finished off easy software piracy. Perhaps it’ll stop people pinching work off me and doing it for beer money from their bedroom with an old iMac and a shedload of hooky software! At least I can offset the cost against my tax :wink:

Update on Yosemite… absolutely marvellous :smiley:

Good to have met you too, all the best…

Bill :slightly_smiling:


While SF5 may “work” to some extent on OSX 10.10 (Yosemite), it is not supported on OSX 10.10.
SF4 and SF5 customers moving to OSX 10.10 qualify for a discounted upgrade to Suitcase Fusion 6 (current version) of $59.95.

Installing SF6 will replace SF5/SF4 and automatically bring in your fonts and font sets.

More information here:
extensis.com/support/product … -fusion-6/