Working remotely


I work remotely for a company based in Texas (I’m nit NY). They are switching to Universal Type Server. Will I be able to use the Type server? Do I have to be on the same network? Can the Type Client software work remotely? I can access files through a VPN but it slows down my system, so I usually keep it off unless needed.


Hello posterns,

Transitioning should be relatively painless and your remote user situation is pretty common amongst many of our Universal Type Server customers.

Firstly, Universal Type Client and Suitcase Fusion’s interfaces are very similar so you shouldn’t need much learning time to begin using it. The main difference between the two is that your font library will now be managed by the Server and automatically synchronized to your local machine whenever changes occur.

You do not have to be on the same network to connect to UTS but access is required for regular synchronization to be successful. Depending upon how often you need new fonts from UTS, it may work best to synchronize over the VPN since your fonts are locally cached.

Either way, UTS offers multiple synchronization methods, flexible sync times as well as numerous permission levels to ensure remote users like yourself have the fonts they need when they need them.

Our Professional Services and Support Teams are always available to help answer questions regarding the best configuration for your needs. If you have any specific concerns about your company’s implementation don’t hesitate to privately email me and I will get you in touch with the best Extensis expert to walk you through the setup.

Thanks for your feedback and support of Extensis Font Management solutions.

Chris Meyer
Sr. Product Manager
Extensis Font Management Solutions