Windows 10 update 1151 : update and solution


Using your software to work and being updated, I come to you to inform you that following the updated version of Windows 10 in 1151, Suitecase no longer works. Our version of Suitcase is:
As soon as a font is activated, it is deactivated after 2 seconds.
We had already observed this anomaly there a few weeks ago, during a test upgrade of Windows 10 with their Build Insider Preview program. We then canceled our participation in this program and we thought at the time that it was a bug on their side.
Now that the update is official, Suitcase no longer works. We tried in administrator mode but same symptoms.
Do you have this problem on your side?
Best regards
Sorry for our English, we are French.

Edit : after several tests, it appears that it is necessary to uninstall and reinstall Suitcase. the bug disappeared on both our machines. For information for those who encounter the same problem.


I can confirm this behavior.

Fonts cannot be activated after a Windows System upgrade or update. Only solution is to Uninstall / reinstall.


Same behavior happening here. Gotta love the silence from Extensis on this issue.


Brolysan! Thanks, that fixed the issue for me! Saved me so much trouble. You rock!


Uninstall/reinstall worked for me as well thanks!

This seems to be the only piece of software I have that makes me do this- the maintenance and support feels very lacking.


I logged in just to confirm that this behaviour is still occurring. After upgrading to Windows 10 over the weekend our version of Suitcase (v stopped functioning properly. As soon as a font was activated it de-activated after about 2 seconds.

Uninstalling/reinstalling was the only solution.

This was a complete p.i.t.a considering it’s stated as compatible with Windows 10 since v 17.2.0; extensis.com/downloads/relea … 6-windows/.

It would have been nice to see Extensis put up a sticky topic about this instead of sitting in silence letting their customers work out their own issues.


Hi creative.collab,

Thanks for your input on the topic and I apologize for the workaround hassle. We are aware of the issue and, in the interim, have had a KBA posted here for the last week or so.

I appreciate your comment about posting a sticky and would like to find out more about your expectations regarding how this information is communicated. More specifically, is this forum your go-to source for Extensis technical support? Did you search extensis.com, our KBA’s in particular, and not find the information? Do you use Google, pasting in error messages? As a Fusion 6 customer you have access to free Extensis phone/email technical support. Is this an option you considered?

Extensis can assume a particular “forum” addresses everyone’s issues. However, simply asking the question may lead to a different solution. Yours and other poster’s feedback is welcome.