Windows 10 Anniversary Major Issues :(


Hi there

I’ve been having major problems with installing fonts since installing Windows 10 Anniversary, that seems to occur across all font mangers I have used including the Suitcase Fusion 7 trial. I have a library of approximately 1300 fonts that I temporarily install (previously with NexusFont) and scanning/installing used to take approximately 30 seconds to a minute. Now this takes 5 minutes or more, once loaded Windows becomes unstable, programs such as Cortana, edge, mail often crash or show incorrect fonts (basic system fonts sometimes). Deactivating them also seems to take an incredibly long time, and only a system reboot fixes the instability.

I have even tried reformatting my OS drive and installing Windows 10 AU fresh from the media creation tool. The same problem occurs.

I have contacted windows support, and they have looked into the issue via remote desktop and basically have come to the conclusion that all of these apps need updating in some way. I of course was totally unaware that there would be incompatibility issues between Windows 10 and Windows 10 AU so this was a big surprise to me.

Although I am only on the trial at the moment, I would of course be more than willing to buy the full version if I can get this to work on my system! Is Extensis aware of such a problem and an update in the works? This is really causing a problem with my workflow at the moment, so any help or advice would be really appreciated!

No longer able to activate/deactivate any fonts with Windows 10 Anniversary Update