Why duplicate fonts?


I have Suitcase Fusion 6 set to keep my fonts in place rather than put them in the vault. Yet for every font added to my library I see two entries: one that says “Vault” in the location column and one that shows the pathname of the actual font file. The one that gets activated by default is the one that says “Vault”. Is this normal? It seems kind of useless, confusing and redundant. I thought it might be a bug, deleted Suitcase and re-installed it, but the same behavior happened the second time around. Can anyone clarify if this is normal and what the purpose might be of showing two fonts instead of one?


If you simply deleted the application, that would not delete the database and so would appear the same after a reinstall. The only logical explanation is that you have added the fonts twice at some point, once with it set to use the vault, and once with it set to keep them in place. You should be able to use the location column to sort and group them together and then remove the set of fonts that you don’t want.