Where Do Deleted Fonts Go?


I have inadvertently deleted a font from my library and am trying to locate where it and all deleted fonts go. Any ideas?


Hi 8tracker,

When fonts are deleted from within Suitcase Fusion they are only removed from the Suitcase Font Vault. If it was added in place, the link to the font on disk is removed from the Suitcase Font Vault. So, you’d need to have access to the original font then add it back to the Library it was deleted from. If you don’t have the original, do you have a Time Machine, or some other backup, you can use to get an earlier version of the Suitcase Font Vault? It should be located here:

/Users//Library/Extensis/Suitcase Fusion/Suitcase Fusion.fontvault

Just replace: “Suitcase Fusion.fontvault” with the backup version that still contains the deleted font.

Best Regards,

Allen Riffel
Extensis QA Engineer