When will Suitcase Activation Plugin arrive for Quark'15


When will Suitcase Activation Plugin arrive for QuarkXpress 2015 ?


Have downloaded and installed QuarkXpress 2015; now need the plug-in, please, asap.


Sent message last Thursday to Tech help asking about the plug-in.
No reply yet.


To whom it may concern…

Any official comment from Extensis on this issue…?

Please reply and update us as to even a rough delivery timeline… ?

Loyal Suitcase & Quark User :smiley:


No reply yet from Tech help.
Am looking at alternative font managers.


Hi Shaun…

That’s poor service from Extensis… to have the courtesy to reply should be a given… even if it is to say there’s no exact details on the updated Quark plugin… but to just leave it as no reply. Bad customer service for sure.

Keep the faith… hopefully things will resolve themselves soon as I’m sure Quark must be on touch with them also pushing for a solution.



Hi Anthony,
Yes, Matthias says he’s in contact with them. But it took them months to produce a plug-in for Qk 10, and that only after a lot of us said we wanted it.


Hi Guys,

We are currently investigating XTension compatibility in the new QuarkXPress 2015 and will keep you posted of our progress.

Please check the Extensis blog for updates, as we’ll announce our progress there.




Thank you.


Thank you Jim for your update. Much appreciated.



Still waiting - and the blog doesn’t mention Quark2015 any more, just Adobe stuff.


The opposition has beaten you to it:
insidersoftware.com/resource … 5-plugins/


Fontexplorer has released a new version, 5.0, that is now Quark 2015 compatible.


Both FontExplorer and FontAgent pro have them


Hello all,

Our Suitcase Fusion 6 auto-activation for QuarkXPress 2015 is almost complete.
I’ll update this post when it is available for download.
It will be a free update for Fusion 6 users.


That’s great news Chris… keep us posted… hopefully it’s sooner rather than later.



Hello all,

The QuarkXPress 2015 auto-activation plugin is now available in Suitcase Fusion 6 for Mac.
An official announcement goes out tomorrow but you can download it here:
bin.extensis.com/SuitcaseFusion6 … 2015-M.zip

Please read me

  1. Compatibility
    The plugin is designed for use with Suitcase Fusion 6 (Mac version 17.1.0) and is not compatible with older versions of Suitcase Fusion.

  2. Installation
    After downloading the bundle, copy the “ExtensisFontManagementQXT2015.xnt” package to the “XTensions” folder (located inside of the Quark 2015 installation directory). Note: the plugin will be added to the Suitcase plugin manager in the next dot release.

  3. Minor Issue Workaround
    Ensure QuarkXPress 2015 has fully launched before opening your documents. Double-clicking a document to launch XPress 2015 may result in an auto-activation issue.
    The problem appears to be related to a plugin launch timing issue.
    *Note: We’ve reported the issue to Quark and will work with their development team to resolve it as quickly as possible. *

Please let me know if you run into any other issues.



Thank you for the plug-in.
You’re right about activating Quark 2015 first and then opening a file; double-clicking a file does not activate fonts yet.

Checked several files; all opened with the corect fonts and yet a panel came up (as has happened with previous autoactivate plug-ins for Q9 and Q10) saying the fonts are missing; I’ve taken this up with Quark too.


Thanks ShaunFerguson for following up with Quark also.
Quark acknowledged the issue and have made plans to fix it. I’ll update this post once an update is available.
Side note: I’m really digging the new XPress 2015 version. It’s a great release for our friends over at Quark, congrats to them!
Good read here - MacWorld article:
macworld.com/article/2937784 … y-you.html