What's the difference between a new library vs a new set


I do work for two separate companies and want to keep the fonts separate. In the past I have always just created new sets and put the fonts in two separate sets. Is there an advantage to creating a new library vs a new set?


Thanks for your questions. Below are the basic differences between the two:

Libraries: A library holds large collections of fonts. Depending on your workflow, you may only have one font library (aside from your system fonts). However, you can create multiple libraries to segregate fonts by client, job type, operating system, and even to share fonts online using Suitcase TeamSync.

Sets: Sets are smaller groupings of fonts within a library. Sets can be used for specific jobs, documents, or any aspect of your workflow where it makes sense to worker with smaller groupings of fonts. You might have a library of fonts for each client, with sets for each type of job. You can even create sets within sets if necessary.

More information can be found by using the Help menu of Suitcase, or visit the link below:


Thanks for the answer and link. One further question with regard to Libraries. If I create a new Library to keep client fonts separate, is there a way to make sure that InDesign, Illustrator or Photoshop only use fonts found in the Library I want them to choose fonts from? Or do they just choose the first one they see?


If you have created multiple libraries of fonts, you can select them by using the menus in your selected Adobe application. For example in InDesign choose the following menu selections:

Type/Suitcase Fusion/Select Library/Library Name