What is the preferred method of handling two completely different fonts with the same name?


I discovered I have several instances of different font authors giving their font the exact same name. While Suitcase seems to let both fonts be included in the Font Library (since they are, after all, different fonts), one of them is often ignored. It shows up in the Extensis Panel but clicking on it to activate it does not work; it activates the other one. How is it recommended to handle this situation?


Hi Lois!

Well this is a particular situation that Windows doesn’t really handle well. On Windows you can only have a single font with the same PS name active at once.

So if you have the following:

Times New Roman from Adobe and Times New Roman from Monotype

…you will only be able to activate one or the other one at any one time. The best option would be to remove the one you don’t need (assuming you don’t need the duplicate). You can quickly find all your duplicates by clicking on the Duplicate Fonts Smart Search included in Suitcase Fusion 7.

If you depend on both fonts you will probably need to activate the one you want via the Suitcase Fusion client instead of the panel to ensure you get the correct one (mainly because you can’t really tell which is which via the panel)

The Mac OS doesn’t have this limitation, just in case anyone was curious :slight_smile:

Hope that helps and thanks for using Suitcase Fusion 7.



Hello Clint,

Thanks for the reply… But the
situation is that they are two entirely different fonts. One is a script and
the other a slab serif titling font. So deleting one or the other is not an

It seems like I will have to resort to using my FontCreator software
and changing the name of one of them. I was reluctant to do this as the
designer probably wouldn’t approve but my feeling is that if one is designing
fonts, it might be a good idea to do a real thorough search to be sure there
are no other fonts with the name you are considering…

If anyone else has a suggestion that doesn’t involve making font designers mad at me, give a shout.



Yep in that case there isn’t much you can do, with how Windows activates fonts only one of those can be activated at a time.

You might report the naming issue to the font vendor, they might have just made a mistake!