What do you need?


Hello fellow Suitcase Fusion users,

We have lots of great ideas at Extensis on how to make Fusion better but always welcome your new and enthusiastic feedback.
We are looking to find out what areas of the product or which features Extensis should focus on in upcoming releases.

Feel free to talk about any area, however to get this thread started I have provided the following few questions:

  1. What component or feature of Fusion do you rely most heavily on?

  2. What component or feature of Fusion could use improvement or added functionality? (Please provide specific examples when possible)

  3. What problem(s) exist in your current font management process/workflow that you think Extensis should try and solve?

Thanks in advance for your feedback and if you prefer not to participate in this public forum you can always send me a private message.

I look forward to reviewing your comments and making Fusion a better font management tool in versions to come.



A plug-in for Acrobat would be nice.

I tried to edit text in a PDF and got an error message saying the font wasn’t available. But it worked once I activated the font manually. The plug-in would make this seamless.



Excellent, thanks for the feedback i’ve added your request to our product wishlist. We will explore what’s needed to make font auto-activation reliable in Acrobat.

Are you primarily a Mac or windows Acrobat user?


Sounds great!

I use Acrobat exclusively on a Mac.



Thank you it’s been logged.


Maybe this exists and I haven’t noticed, but I’d like a way to share font classification metadata. If Extensis captured this, they’d be able to aggregate crowd-sourced metadata that we all could share.

I’d also like to able to add additional high-level metadata attribute categories. For example, I use FontShop’s FontBook app quite a bit on my iPad, and it groups fonts into categories such as Usage (Titling, Book Text, and so on), year of issue, designer, and so on. I suppose that the existing Keywords attribute could be used but it’d be nice to ask SF4, “What fonts from the 1940s might work for titling?” I’d crowd-source these, too.

KidPub Press


Hey Perry,

Thanks for sharing your idea. We don’t currently offer font classification metadata derived from social crowd sourcing but we’ve been talking with lots of customers about their interests in this sort of thing. Currently we offer stock Classifications and custom Keywords but to be fair we haven’t changed this area of the product for a long time and could use an update.

We are planning to continue exploring this functionality and may look back to you for feedback when we have more to discuss.

Thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts with us.



I would to see some improvements to FontDoctor:

  1. The ability to skip folders based on the folders name. While scanning my servers to organize fonts, I noticed that FD would get stuck on certain folders. Certain folders would have 600,000 or more .eps barcodes in it, where FD would still be looking at that folder for 8 hours or more. I was thinking it nice to have the ability to ignore folders based on it’s name. So within the options or preferences, have the ability to input multiple names of folders to ignore, like such: “Links, Barcodes, Data”.

  2. When Organizing fonts, I’d like the ability the ability to put the separate kinds of fonts into their own separate libraries, without having to scan multiple times and changing the options. So I could have a single font library with the following 5 folders inside of it: Windows TrueType fonts, Mac TrueType fonts, Opentype, Multiple Master Fonts, Postscript Fonts. I think Postscript are going to be a thing of the past soon (much like MM fonts), but I have tons of customers that still provide them. It’s possible Mac TrueType fonts will be a thing of the past too, since .ttf and .otf can be used on both mac & windows. Also, I have both mac & windows users, so I don’t want a single library with mac and windows fonts intermixed. Again, the key for me would be to do all of this with one scan.

  1. As long as I’m organizing fonts, I’d like to be able to scan for .dfonts and .ttc (TrueType Collection) fonts separately as well.



thanks for sharing your thoughts to make Font Doctor a better product.

I have logged your requests and forwarded them to the Font Doctor Product Team.

While I can’t promise that all of your wishes will come true, we do strive to review each and every request submitted. I personally think you’ve provided some excellent suggestions and will work with the team to determine which aspects can be implemented.