Website error


Not sure if this is a question for here of for the Netpublish thread. Whenever I add a custom field into a catalog on the Portfolio 8.5 Software it causes our Netpublished sites to crash with the message displayed in the left hand column where the search fields should be: TypeError:CatalogSet.get(“catalog”).get is not a function.

Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this?



To edit custom fields you have to increase your ‘Access Level’ up to ‘Adminsitrator’ level access. That is exclusive access and kicks out all other desktop client users. Do you remember to reduce your access level back to ‘Publisher’ after you’re done? Does NetPublish still give the error once you’re back as a ‘Publisher’?

I can’t comment on the older 8.5 version, but I know that in current shipping versions of the product, increasing the level to ‘Administrator’ level in the desktop client doesn’t interrupt my NetPublish sites at all, so if there was a known issue with an older version it no longer affects the latest version based on my testing.


As Chris has noted, editing custom fields requires the Desktop client to use Administrator level access. In all versions (up to/including current v10.2) NP will still function - as it uses read-only data access - as long as you don’t do any of the following:

  • change existing field names

  • add new fields

  • remove existing fields.

Any of the latter changes cause an alteration to the catalogue’s field table and causes NP to not be able to read the catalogue correctly**. The fix us simple. as soon as you’ve finished editing the custom fields and committed the changes in Portfolio, simply re-start NP (Win via NP OS service or on Mac via NP app Launcher).

** For a different but different reason, but to same effect, res-tarting Portfolio Server without then re-starting NP will cause the later to malfunction.

IIRC, you may be able to edit the predefined value lists of existing fields (without changing the overall field) and not upset NP, but to be safe I’d restart NP just in case.

Lest you wonder, Portfolio/NP offers no way to automate the NP restart based on Portfolio Server changes (though it’s a frequent feature request). So, you want to make sure that anyone with admin access to Portfolio knows of the edit actions that may necessitate an NP re-start.


Thanks, we have been restarting Netpublish as you suggested whenever this error occured, but were hoping there was some other way we could rectify it, but I guess not.

Thanks again