Web Client - Default view


Is there anyway to set the default custom fields that display under the thumbnail in the web client ? Right now users have to select a gallery then click the “view fields” button and select the fields they want to show under the thumb (not in the filter pane on the right).

In the desktop client you have a list of predefined views that you can select from. You can also assign these to Galleries as a default.

There must be way to do this in the web client right?


A Catalog Administrator can click on their username in the top right corner and choose the option to ‘Apply Views’, to set the default view for other users when they login. Of course, you need to adjust the view first to how you want it, then apply it.


Thanks Chris. That’s a start. But it looks like this is a universal view for all galleries across the catalog. Also its just one view - what about selecting different metadata views like you can do in the desktop client?