Web Client concurrent user timeout?


I looked in the user guide and here, could not find the answer. Since we’re limited to three concurrent users of Desktop Client, can I count on users being dropped if their log in is unattended for X period of time?


I just tried and ‘yes’. FWIW all users were on the same LAN. After an undocumented period of time (I’d guess 1 hour+), an unattended web client’s browser page will revert to the login view. At that time the seat becomes available for another users. I couldn’t test the latter precisely at the time as I don’t know the login expiry window.

Consider 4 users with a 3-seat pool. A, B and C all login; D can’t as all seats are used. A goes to a meeting and after a while her session times out; D can now log in. A comes back from her meeting and re-logs in and now gets a warning no seats are available as now B, C and D are using the available seats.

Pre v9, the admin could disconnect a user, but this no longer see,ms possible. Revoking a web user from a catalogue will kick the user out of the catalogue in question but not end their session of they are members of other catalogues. Not tested, but I assume an admin deleting the user completely would end their session but this seems a bit drastic.

So, it appears there is no ‘live’ user connection management available to the user - e.g. in the above scenario you might wish to kill D’s session so A can re-connect.

A vendor rep should be able to give a more representative answer as they can ask the engineers about the undocumented stuff. As this is a user-to-user forum, you can’t guarantee staffers will answer here so I’d drop a line to support or if trialing to the sales member who organised it.