We need Meta-Tags for all font apps, for faster search and organization


Pretty much all font organization applications could really use meta tags as a way of finding things quickly.
When you start dealing with thousands of fonts, it never seems quick enough to look through all your folders and lists.
How time is spent just sifting through everything?
Sometimes I just want to search: "Sans serif, or script, or silly."
And sometimes I wish I could type groups of meta-tagged words like, "Silly, Script"
If fonts came with meta-tags and you could add your own as you went, it would make the search process a lot better.
Just as most cataloguing sites and stock image sites let you sift through large amounts of media, meta-tags would allow you to search through and organize your fonts. Without the chore of going through thousands of fonts and putting them into folders. Which has to be continually updated as you add more fonts.
Meta-tags on the other hand, are like putting them into lists, without having to create and organize lists.
Add the tag “Distressed” to a font is similar to crating a list and dropping the font into it, only you would just need to add the word to a field. Any other fonts that have this word added to that field, would show up as well if you type that word into the search bar.
It’s a suggested solution to an ongoing problem I have had with every single font organization software I have ever used.


Thanks for your questions.

Universal Type Client has built-in search functions to assist you with finding fonts faster. For more information, download and view our Universal Type Client User Guide here:

Please view page 8 and 39 for more information related to searches and specifying the criteria.

If you have any additional questions, please contact our support team by using our online contact form on the right side of the support page found here:


Some additional information:
You can complete all of the meta-tagging you’ve identified in your request.
In addition to the recommended user guide pages, review the Font Attributes section (beginning on page 51) for more information about adding and using attributes.

Meta-tagging in UTS is done through the Font Attributes functionality.
Metadata such as foundry info, classifications and styles are available as well as the ability to your own custom values and keywords.
San Serif and Script values are extracted from fonts automatically (when the foundry has tagged them).
You can of course, custom apply these values if you like.
Want to be silly? Who are we to stop you. Go ahead and create your own attributes and apply them to any font in the system.

Is there a catch?
A small one. Creating and applying attributes is permissions based and requires appropriate user privileges.
Talk with your UTS Administrator if you do not have access to apply these permissions.

Thanks for using UTS and please keep the feedback coming.

Chris Meyer
UTS Product Team