View fonts in nested sets


Creating nested sets is great for organising fonts. Say, a set for a particular client, and then nested sets for specific projects. But when you click on the parent set it is blank (since there are no fonts in it). So you have to click on each of the nested sets in turn in order to see what fonts are in there.

Is there a way of viewing all fonts in nested sets (rather like FontExplorer does) or am I missing something?



That would be a feature request. As you note, nested sets are independent of each other. However, if your primary separation is based on client, you could move things up one level? Make the client your ‘Library’, and then have sets within that. This would allow you to see all the client fonts for each of your clients as they’re separate libraries, and still have sets for each project within the appropriate client library. You could still have an ‘All my Fonts’ library as well, where you add all the fonts that are in each of the client libraries, as we don’t duplicate the fonts if you add the same font to multiple libraries. So you would still be able to find fonts from within your entire collection for those occasions where you’re not trying to restrict to a particular client’s fonts.