Various independent catalogs on the same site


How can I get three catalogs be published on the same site but independently? I mean, a user can enter the site and choose on what catalog to search…


“out-of-the-box” each NP site is based on publishing a single Portfolio catalogue. Assuming two sites published as site names XXX and YYY, there are separately accessed via URLs:


Do bear in mind that NP cookies (certainly in built-in template sets) have domain scope cookies (so readable via /res/ and /netpub/ virtual folders) with the result that if XXX and YYY use the same-named cookie and a user visits both sites, data from the two sites will overwrite each other.

To make it so that different sites are accessed via different domains is a web server configuration issue done outside NP.

The ‘alias’ method used with sites (look at a site’s alias.properties file) allows a single site to interact with multiple catalogues. The search mechanism allows cross-catalogue results, i.e. a page of results drawn from more than one catalogue (assuming aliases have been set up correctly). Neither of the latter aspects of are documented to a significant degree, though you’ll find a few notes about the alias structure here. To use this method you’ll need to publish a site and then edit the published sites files (so factor in those changes in the context of re-publishing such a site). IIRC, from v1-, I think the Bravado set is set up so it will cope with multi-catlaogue data sources are used.

Rather than have the association of multiple sites/catalogues within the NP site, you can write a normal HTML website on the server and have different parts of the latter target different existing discrete NP sites.

In summary:

  • A catalogue may supply more than one NP site.

  • All such sites don’t need to be the same scope - e.g. one might be the whole catalogue, whilst others might be for different galleries (tip for the latter smart galleries are good).

  • Different sites of the same catalogue may simply be a different template set showing the same data; different templates can offer different user experience.

  • The alias.properties system allows one NP site to access data more than one catalogue (indeed more than one Portfolio Server) but must be configured manually after publishing a normal single catalogue site.

  • To make different NP sites on the same NP server available via different domains, i.e. different web URLs, configure the web server accordingly to make each domain point to appropriate content.

  • NP security is limited to a password-only single password for all users per-site. By default, sites have no password.

  • If greater security is needed either, use web pages elsewhere to set a login cookie and track that in NP templates (not highly secure but often good enough), ‘shell’ the NP code in ASP/PHP to ensure login session data is maintained, or set up the web server so NP URLs are only accessible via a secured portal. The latter is a network/webserver configuration issue.