Utilizing folder structure; create separate asset library,


a) What is the best method to utilize Extensis to view all images etc, and find them, and tag them, and not change original name or location, BUT also gradually build up a folder tree of categories, and drag images into them with the same tags as on the original in extensis, and either immediately store images onto a literal new disk, or virtually at first to be copied to disk in the folder structure later? And still have the keywords applied to both copies of the asset, and also be able to organically grow both selections?


Well the galleries and smart galleries are not nestable, and very flat. So no trees allowed unfortunately.

Alternatively, you can drag items onto the “Categories” window onto each “virtual folder” you make as a tree. I don’t believe Portfolio can embedd this into the asset but keeps it in its fdb database somehow. I suppose one could customize a script with netmediamax to make use of the category names and turn them into keywords, or even heirarchial keywords or something. **(i don’t think you can even see these categories in the web client last time I checked)

Perhaps netmediamax could move the files around based on rules such as “added to category” then make a copy in a folder structure somewhere, providing functions to access categories are available to script in the first place. (netmediamax user guide should tell ya)

For keywords applied to both versions/copies of the asset, perhaps you can customise netmediamax to make use of the xmp:MM schema (gives unique ID’s, versions, and derivative meta data for relationships between related assets) but that’s not really built into Portfolio.

I think some DAM systems let you do this kind of thing out of the box, but it’s not to say it can’t be done with Portfolio with some effort.
Oh wait, are these categories even available to view in the web client? perhaps netmediamax can do something there too.

[quote]And still have the keywords applied to both copies of the asset


Categories are a long unimproved feature from back in the 90s when, IIRC, it was introduced as a feature parity thing at a time when Portfolio and (Canto) Cumulus were in close competition. It’s not been touched for ages and unsurprisingly it’s integrated with none of the newer Portfolio features. The Category palette has limited ability to re-order contents but is best created as intended and then not altered. I’ve started out several times over the years using it for nested ‘keyword’ management but it’s too clunky and the lack of interface to other parts of the app (ISTR that includes the VB/AppleScript APIs) means for all the effort of entering data you can’t do much with it.

I’d concur with the view that you want one copy of a given asset. Several Portfolio features don’t work as well if duplicates are included (as sometimes they may have to be).


Thanks Mark, and userman2, for all your help with this.
I will try to find other ways around the issues of managing images without changing the original filename or location.

I am trying to set up an inhouse strategy that is as user friendly for our staff to organically organize, grow, and keyword our image library and continue well into the future. We are a packaging distribution company, and the images are essential to assist with the marketing and sales of our products. The reason I liked the categories is that staff can see the tangible category structure of images of ‘our products’, and easily drill down to the image they need, based on the product category/sub category. At the same time, ‘on the fly’, I want staff to drag/drop images into the folder structure to grow it, and assign keywords to help all of us locate them in keyword searches.
However, for purposes of a website, I have to rename the images with the product code, and have them in the same location. The issue here is that i didn’t want to have to move the original image, nor renameit, so that i could keep it traceable/trackable to where it came from and what it was called. (in case I need to ask for more, or a higher res)
Is there a way that i can embed the current info into the image- about where the image was filed on my NAS’s, (The keywords of the folder path), and the original/current image name? If i do this, i can then feel free to move images as required.


First up - experiment with the techniques here so your confident with them before committing to your 61k or actual data.

See my FAQ here. Likely you want to set the ‘Create Keywords from Path’ setting to ‘Path’. No point in including the (NAS) volume name. The ‘Path’ setting will add all folders in the current path and the filename as keywords on first cataloguing of the record. This data is not altered if the fie is subsequently moved or renamed within Portfolio. Luckily, I think this is what you want. You can then - before moving/copying items from the NAs, embed that info into the images (if their format supports it). Embed is a manually triggered task: select the item(s), Item menu, Embed Metadata.

If you use the same setting in the new location (see separate thread) then assets added by the staff will record their path/filename as acquisition. If staff use the web client, you can set a default set of fields to display, such as all those you wish them to complete - although there is no mechanism to force completion. The best method for the latter is to have one or more saved finds checking for records with certain fields empty and to check those finds on a regular basis.