Using the API to integrate with collections management/ TMS?



I am researching options for our non-profit museum. We maintain several large catalogs in Portfolio Server, and we are looking to make some catalogs available internally via Netpublish, and other catalogs available publicly via Netpublish. Our museum uses TMS to handle collections management, and we cannot move away from that at this time.

We used to have a “bridge” between Portfolio and TMS that would import metadata directly from TMS as we cataloged, or shortly afterwards. This bridge was constructed in-house by a long gone IT professional. It has been broken for years.

As we move towards publishing these catalogs, it would be immensely helpful if we could add a richer set of meta-data to images in Portfolio. Doing so manually would be ridiculous. I’m looking for help, suggestions, ideas on how our existing IT department could build a similar bridge. Or, if that isn’t possible, where could we find someone able to do this, and what would the approximate cost be? We are in the very early stages of brainstorming ways to get our collection more available.


I don’t know TMS but I see it is SQL based. If you use SQL Portfolio catalogues you can cross-seed unique IDs for assets from TMS<->Portfolio via SQL, allowing for further SQL-based cross-pollination of data. If you have Portfolio Enterprise, you also have access to the API (using Java, C#, or PHP).

Assuming your Portfolio catalogue - at minimum - has TMS UID(s) seeded per record, then even without SQL, you could pull TMS data to your NetPublish pages via a JSON (noting that NP has no server-side OS access unlike PHP/ASP).


Thank you. I didn’t understand all of it, but hopefully our IT department will once we bring them on board. Regarding the UID’s- we do have unique object ID’s that get imported from TMS upon cataloging. However, only in our original catalogs. On our latest project, we created a new catalog and none of the ID’s are pulled from TMS in that catalog.