Using the API in JAVA to pull back custom fields


Using the API I have successfully searched on a custom field and can retrieve the values of built in portfolio fields but I cannot get the values of the custom fields. I am using the name that is displayed in the portfolio application. It is all caps with underscored between words. Is there a secret name for the field or a precursor to let the system know to look in custom fields.

Thank you in advance for any help.


Found it right after I submitted.
The actual custom field was entered in camelcase by my network folks, not all caps. For some reason all the field labels display in all caps on the interface.



I’m glad you figured out the problem. I can see that the all-capital display in the web client could be confusing.

The admin app displays the field names’ cases correctly, if you unsure of the case in the future. You can see the field names in Catalogs->Manage Catalog Fields.