User permission levels


If I set a user to Reader instead of Publisher does it still use a seat? If so, can we get a discount for users that are just readers? Netpublish is not really working well for our needs, it’s too limited.


A user is a user (a seat) regards of the permissions level you allocate them. As to discounts you’d need to discuss that with extensis sales staff (or with your software provider). I reckon such a discount is unlikely - you’d have to make the case for it to sales.

What are the problems with NP? I ask just in case its a case of missing on available features.


One issue right now are the ability to share galleries or shared favorites. I know we can share individual galleries, but I rather not publish a site each time we create one.

Another issue is sorting our huge library of photos, there doesn’t seem to be a way to sort search results other than the one way specified already by net publish. Sometimes we want to see by catalogued and sometimes by date taken.

Let me know if you have solutions for these, thanks for your reply!


OK suggestions that follow are the art of the possible so don’t shoot the messenger! Both require some custom coding of templates but that’s not complex, assuming some HTML/JavaScript skills.

Sharing. Smart galleries are based on a query in Portfolio. That can be as simple as one value in one field. Make a multi-vlaue field (or single if an item will never be in more than one person’s shared gallery). Give the field a predefined list as these can be exposed via NP. Annoyingly (been on the ‘maybe next version’ list for years) you can’t edit pre-def list without taking the catalogue and thus NP site offline. An exception - if you can live with custom keywords, is to use the Keywords’ Master Keywords List as that can be live-edited in Portfolio. So now, add metadata as needed to mark ‘galleries’ and edit your template(S0 as needed to allow these values to be searched for. Voila - your galleries are accessible in NP.

Sort is only on one filed but you can code you templates to set the field and ascending/descending. Oddly, the NP Assistant omits a control for the latter.

In summary, some do-it-yourself and you’re good to go.


Thanks for the info. Can you provide simple instructions or code to simply make the first page sort by catalog? Sorry, I’m not too savy, but I do know HTML.


Sort by catalog?Unless you’re doing really advanced (and manually configured) things all records come from the same catalogue. Do you mean by “Catalogued” dates? Incidentally “Item ID” and “Cataloged” fields should sort in the same order. So, if you

Anyway, sort happens on any field in the catalogue being published, and can be configured in the NP Assistant without having to edit any code. On the Result stage of the NP Assistant:

(sorry image from old UI but the controls/layout is the same now)

In the middle of the Assistant, tick the ‘Sort results by’ box and then choose from the drop-down next to it the field on whose data the results are to be sorted. (Re-)publish your site and the NP ‘sorton’ parameter will be set correctly for you.

NP also has an ‘ascending’ parameter (1 is ascending order, 0 is descending order) which controls the order in which the results (or other recordsets) are sorted based on the given field’s data. Sadly, Extensis omitted controls from this from the NP Assistant design; it’s been a feature request since v7.0 to add this in. So, if you want to use ‘ascending’ you’ll have to add it to each and every link in the site where you want the parameter to occur (plus so server & client side utilities that process query URLs). As a result ‘just’ implementing the ‘ascending’ parameter is disproportionately more work than it might first appear. Sometime around v10.x, some (all?) of the remaining built-in template sets had ‘ascending’ parameters seeded back into the template masters (though not to all links, inconsistently in terms of order, and with no controls to easily set the order). If you use these as a starting point it may involve less work. For a totally custom set built off earlier master it’s likely you’ll have to insert all this yourself - though current masters could help indicate where changes should be made.

These are the ‘simple’ generic instructions! If you just want to choose the sorted-on field it’s trivial. If you want to control sort order then it’s not and you need to pop the hood and for which detail instructions go beyond the scope of what can be covered here in the forum (a lot of detail!).