User keeps loosing server info


I’ve got a user on a mac who has lost the server configuration info several times in the last month. I know this info is kept in a config file somewhere. Can someone tell me where that file resides and anyone suggest a reason for this file disappearing?




You didn’t state the version, but the native Portfolio Client v.10 stores the server list in /Applications/Extensis/Portfolio Desktop Client/Servers/. Older versions would have a different, but similar path. This was a reasonable location when Portfolio Client was originally designed for OS 9 and it was never changed. For the same reason, it is a flat text file. The design predates Apple’s use of .plists.

If you’re working with non-admin Mac users, they should be granted read/write permission on that directory.


Thanks for the response. We’re using native mac desktop client and the user does have full rights to the machine.

In your experience, is there any application that would/could wipe this file? Since it’s buried within the Portfolio application folder, I’d think not, but I trying to figure out whats doing this.



The only times I’ve heard of any problem with this, it was related to permissions–partly because its no longer the appropriate place for a preference file. When it occurs, it would be interesting to take a look to see if the file is still there, and then if the user can open it in, say, TextEdit.app.

If its a real nuisance, you might want to submit a proper support request. They may have more in-depth troubleshooting options and able to tell you if there are any related outstanding bugs.

Another important point is that the Native Client is not yet supported under Mac OS X 10.8. They would like for it to work, so if that’s the case, there must be significant outstanding issues. Are you using 10.6 or 10.7? That situation is a little painful, but I don’t know what percentage of users are still using the Native Client. Perhaps those that are tend to be more conservative about their Mac upgrades as well.


We using 10.2 windows server and mac client and our macs are running OSX 10.6.8 so we should be behind the cutting edge for new releases. I’ll contact the help desk next week to help debug the issue…