Updating Directory Path



We archive our images twice a year and in the past used the desktop client to update the directory path. I was unable to find any instructions in the user guide for accomplishing this with Portfolio 2016. Is this still possible?



I found that this can be done using the “import data” option in the web client. It was simple enough to change the directory path for a single folder. I’m not sure if it will be so simple for a larger directory with hundreds of folders.


I am curious how you were able to move assets to another location without them dropping off from the watch folder? Are your watch folders not set to automatic update?

I have mentioned to them before that it is a flaw in their system that if an asset moves location on the server that it doesn’t’ track that movement. Instead of tracking it drops the asset and re-ingests as if it is a brand new asset and as a result the unique ID changes.