Update to Problem


Got an alert to update my Suitcase Fusion 7 to ver. so I did this morning. I have been having issues with auto-activation of fonts in InDesign and Photoshop CC (unless I actually launch Suitcase it will not auto-activate fonts) so I thought perhaps this release might address that situation. Instead, now when I start either Photoshop or InDesign I get the following error message:

 The FMCore application that is currently running is incompatible with the Extensis plugin. ...Plug-in functionality will be disabled.

Looks like my plug-ins are while the Fusion version is Don’t see any updates for plug-ins. Shouldn’t they be part of the release update? What do I do to fix this?


Hi SWit4LCA,

We are aware of the issue. We are in the process of releasing an update to the Windows version and expect to have it available later today.


Suitcase Fusion 18.2.3 (Windows) is now available. You can get the update via the auto-updater by selecting: Windows: Tools -> Check for Updates…

You can also download the latest installer from our website here.