Update notification for old version


After installing the latest Fusion v. 18.0.4 (970) and installing, an update dialog popped up at launch notifying me to update to version 17.



This is a side effect of having an previous EA version installed, you can safely click the Skip this Version button to dismiss the dialog.


Clint Daeuble
Product Owner - Fonts


Thanks for the reply. I kinda figured that might be the case, but it’s nice to have confirmation.


An update…

We have had reports of this issue in the v18.0.4 release (non-EA) build as well. We recommend that users who are experiencing this behavior download the v18.0.5 (Mac only) update here. The Release Notes for this update are here.


I’m having this same issue. I followed the link but could not find the 18.0.5 Mac Only update. Is that still available to download? Thanks!


Hi peetf,

All of the Mac versions since v18.0.5 have included this bug fix. You can download the latest version of Suitcase Fusion (v18.1.2) from the product support page here.