Update Error! Suitcase Fusion 6


I use Suitcase Fusion 6 and have been using it on macOS Sierra 10.12.6 without issue even though I know it is not supported on that OS. Recently I had to reinstall my Suitcase Fusion 6 and upon doing so I noticed it is not installing any plugins for my adobe programs (Illustrator CC 2017 and Photoshop CC 2017). I thought my installer of Suitcase Fusion 6 must have been a little out of date and it would install the plugins once I updated Suitcase Fusion 6 but when I checked for updates it gave me an error. It said “Update Error! An error occurred in retrieving update information, Please try again later.” No matter how long I wait or if I download the most recent Suitcase Fusion 6 installer it still gives this error.

Now I am stuck with Suitcase Fusion 6 opening and having all of my fonts in the font manager but it’s not working with my adobe programs. Is there any way I can get these plugins to work or download the plugins and place them manually?


Thanks for your questions. We understand you are having issues with Suitcase Fusion 6 working with macOS 10.12 and Adobe CC2017.

Suitcase Fusion 6 is not compatible with macOS 10.12 nor Adobe CC2017 applications. In order to have full compatibility for your OS and applications you will need to upgrade to Suitcase Fusion 7.

For more information about Suitcase OS and application compatibility please visit the link below:

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