Update asset via ID



Is it possible to update an asset using the generated id of it?



Yes. You can use the Portfolio API do a query for the asset using whatever criteria you want, including the built-in asset id or any built-in metadata or custom fields. That query can then be used to update the asset in a number of ways, including updating metadata, moving or copying the asset, etc.

If you are already creating an AssetQueryTerm, simply use the assetsById operator, null for the fieldName, and supply one or more asset ids for the values.

If you give us a more detailed explanation of your use case, we could point you to the relevant sections of the API documentation. We always love to hear about how customers are using the API!



Hi Loren,

Thank you for your reply.
I am currently trying to update a field based on asset id.
I am using the REST API posing to

the JSON body is the following:

“embed”: false,
“query”: {
“term”: {
“operator”: “assetsById”,
“field”: null,
“values”: [
“changes”: [
“action”: “add”,
“field”: “Description”,
“existingValues”: null,
“newValues”: [
“added value”

I have tried many different variants of this and get the same result.
I get a Bad Request returned.

Any advice would help, thank you.



One thing I see right away is that the field is actually named “File Description” not just “Description”.

The client apps show that field name as “Description”, which causes exactly this confusion from time to time. In an upcoming release, we will be sending back a more informative error message when a passed-in field name is unknown to the server.

You can always retrieve the system names of the fields from /api/v1/catalog/{catalogId}/field_definition/

Hope that is the silver bullet for you. If not, let us know and we’ll figure it out!