Unwanted font-like links in Firefox Browser-Monitor Activity (Mac OS 10.6)


Hi there. I’m new to the forum and am trying to troubleshoot am issue, although I’m not sure if this is the correct forum place or even if the issue falls in any SF category because it is somehow related to the Firefox Browser.

I also happen to be running one workstation that is on Snow Leopard (Mac OS 10.6.8) and a registered but discontinued SF3.

I’ve come to notice that in the “Files&Open Ports” pane in my Firefox process in the Activity Monitor there is a lot of lines that –correct me if I am wrong– I guess should not be there.I am suspecting that could be the culprits of the browser’s sluggish beahviour but I am not sure at all. There are a lot of lines that seem to refer to fonts, like this ones:


/\xe2\x80\xa2TIPOS\xe2\x80\xa2/GOOGLE WEBFONTS/Playfair Display/PlayfairDisplay-Regular.otf

They are also sorted “by foundry” in a way that resembles my current font folder organization. Maybe can this be related to a font cache issue? Because I do not think the browser needs such a huge amount of fonts to work properly…

What really happens when I clear cache? Do I have to reinstall the whole fonts folder? Will I have to spend an entire weekend reinstalling fonts or whatever?

Thanks in advance and apologies for the long read…


It’s possible the cache needs to be cleared. You may also want to try clearing you browser cache as well. Font Nuke is a macOS application that can assist with clearing font caches.

And, No. Clearing cache will not alter your organization or remove any installed fonts in Suitcase Fusion.


Thanks for the feedback and for taking away my fears :wink:
I will be on vacation soon so I will give it a go to see how that works.