Universal Type Client Autoactivation not working


We are working in a Win10 environment with UTS 6.1, client version UTC 6.1.4 with Adobe Creative Cloud, latest version.
We have the problem that after every startup/ reboot of the workstations all permanently activated fonts are deactivated. If someone openes an Adobe document (Illustrator or InDesign…) there are no fonts available (apart from the system fonts).
Even if you then start UTC and try to activate the fonts manually, they turn blue for a few seconds and then the little blue activation dot disappears again.
Is anyone experiencing the same or similar? I’d be grateful for any idea! I already contacted Extensis support, but they don’t even answer…

Thank you!


Hi Ercas,

First – We apologize for any inconveniences or issues you are experiencing with our Support and Services Teams. I have recorded your information and will have our Support Manager contact your in regards to your issue.

Until then, I have a couple of follow-up questions and settings I would like you to check:

If the above suggestions do not resolve your issue, please respond to this post and I will contact your email address directly.


Extensis Support


Thank you for your ideas!

I have been contacted by someone from support in the meantime.
I have also activated the “Activate fonts across workgroups” for the users who weren’t full admin already.
I have asked my users to check for duplicate fonts and am waiting for their results.