Unexpected Runtime Exception during upgrade to UTS 5.2 Mac


Some customers have reported the following issue occurs when upgrading to UTS 5.2 for Mac:
After installation the Server Administration application fails to open resulting in the following exception error:

Unexpected Runtime Exception
Root cause:
wicket.markup.MarkupException: Unable to find component with id ‘feature’ in [MarkupContainer [Component id = 0, page = extensis.esp.webadmin.pages.serverstatus.ServerStatusPage, path = 7:features:0.ListItem, isVisible = true, isVersioned = true]]. This means that you declared wicket:id=feature in your markup, but that you either did not add the component to your page at all, or that the hierarchy does not match.

This is a Server installer only issue.
Extensis has pulled the UTS 5.2 Mac installer temporarily from our website to address the issue and will provide a 5.2.1 update shortly.
Note: This does not affect UTS 5.2 Windows customers.

If you haven’t upgrade yet - Extensis recommends that you wait for the upcoming fix shortly.
If you have upgraded (and experienced this issue) - follow the steps below to workaround the problem.
Please call us at (503) 274-7030 if these workaround steps do not resolve the issue.

The workaround is relatively straight forward and should resolve the login runtime exception error.
Knowledgeable article is available here:
extensis.com/support/knowled … s-5-2-mac/
Please call us if it does not.

Please stay tuned here to learn when the patch is available for download. Sorry for the inconvenience.


I followed the uninstall instructions in the following page:

The server has installed. License applied and data from backup has been imported.

Installed client 5.2 and auto activation worked in Illustrator CC 2015

I will work with it migrate a couple of other machines.

Thank You


Thanks pkgartsmichael for the update.

For others reading this post, we have determined the root cause and will be posting a 5.2.1 fix update today. I’ll provide the link when it’s available.

If you just upgraded and are stuck with the ‘Unexpected Runtime Exception’ error you can run the following command in the Terminal to resolve the issue:
sudo /Applications/Extensis/Universal\ Type\ Server/applications/esp-admin.sh -username administrator -password {pass goes here} -setautostart enabled

Hope this helps and again we are sorry for the inconvenience.



Ok we’ve placed a new UTS Mac Server link up on the Extensis website.
The download can be found here:
Note: If you already upgraded to 5.2.0 and aren’t experiencing an issue you do not need to install this update.

Thanks for your patience and let me know if you have any questions.