Unable to Uninstall Suitcase Fusion 2 from Windows 10


Hello there,
before I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10, I used Extensis Suitcase Fusion 2 (Version 13), and I had so far never a problem!

However, after upgrading to Windows 10, conflicts with suitcase fusion 2 arised. That is why I uninstalled Suitcase Fusion 2 and installed Suitcase Fusion 7 (Version 18) (USD 119.85).

Apparently, however, essential components haven’t been properly uninstalled during the deinstallation process. Because Suitcase Fusion produced the following error message: "Suitcase Fusion could not open the Font Vault on location . C \ Users \ User \ AppData \ Local \ Extensis \ Suitcase Fusion \ Suitcase Fusion.fontvault.

Meanwhile, I’ve made a Windows system restore because of the font vault conflict. That means Suitcase Fusion 2 is now again on my system.

At present, when starting the program Suitcase Fusion 2 I’m getting the following message: “Suitcase Fusion 2, Universal Type Core.”

And after clicking OK appears the following: "Suitcase Fusion 2, “The application Suitcase Fusion can not be executed, because the Suitcase Fusion Core is not running.”

Please help me to process a clean deinstallation of Suitcase fusion 2 in order to reinstall Suitcase Fusion 7 properly.
Sorry for our English, we are German. Thanks in advance for your reply.


Hi monte,

From our records, I see that you also contacted our Customer Service who referred your case over to our UK office. I’ll make sure that someone follows up with you.


Hello Mike,
thanks for your email. I very much hope I get any reply from the Extensis forum users to solve my problem with Suitcase fusion/ font vault.
Best regards,