UI Toolbar Bug


Under View->Customize Toolbar, I select “Use Small Size”.

But when I close and reopen it’s back to being large.

I’m on macOS Sierra 10.12.6


Hi proficient,

This was a bug that was in the Beta and was fixed in the public release (v 19.0.1). Please make sure that you have the latest version.


Hi! I didn’t participate in the beta program and have 19.0.1(6058) installed.

Please advise… Thanks!


My error. The issue you are reporting is similar to one that came up in the Beta. Your issue is different and we have logged it as a bug to address.


Just a minor thing, but the icon when the panel is collapsed in the Adobe apps is the old icon from Suitcase 7 with the swirl.


Thanks! We are tracking that issue as well.