Typekit fonts not working on the latest version of macOS Sierra


Hi all…

I recently updated my system to the latest Beta Version (10.12.1 Beta (16B2333a) and I have experienced an issue when I open legacy documents inside Quark Xpress 2016 containing Typekit fonts… they don’t get activated eventhough when I look at the Typekit fonts on my Suitcase Fusion 7.0 app, they all have a green light next to them showing them as active… is there any workaround…? Has anyone experienced something similar.

All other system style fonts activate fine using Suitcase Fusion 7… it’s just the Creative Cloud Typekit fonts that are effected.

Any comments, assistance would be much appreciated.



Hi Anthony,

Thanks for your question. Adobe Typekit fonts (similar to web based fonts) are installed/hidden inside directories of your Creative Cloud application(s). If the fonts are active and you are able to be used in other Adobe applications, we would recommend reaching out to Quark for further assistance.

NOTE - Due to the use of the beta macOS operating system, they may or may not be able to assist.


Extensis Support


Thank you for the reply… but the fonts won’t activate on Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop either… not just QuarkXpress.

Is there anyway you can assist in getting them to work…?



We would be happy to take a look. However, due to the numerous number of questions… I suggest giving us a call when you have some free time. Please contact our Technical Support Team using the link below:



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