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Hi All
Sorry new to this so forgive if its old ground. I am having issues after installing Adobe CC2015 and UTC6 where i get error messages. When opening UTC6 it states"Unable to start universal type core. The universal type client has detected an incompatible version of FMCore. The client cannot continue" When i open Illustrator i get "the extensis font management plug in cannot locate a running copy of the extensis font manager - auto activation plug in functionality will be disabled"
I have UTC 6.0.0/6.0.1/6.0.2 and Adobe Illustrator 19.1.0 and 19.2.1 - if i install ANY of these in ANY combination on a mac running Yosemite then everything runs fine. If i install in any combination on a mac running El capitan then i get the error message stated. Any guidance greatly appreciated.


Hi John,
To contact Technical Support, please use the link below. The Forums aren’t monitored by the Support team, as they are generally for peer to peer interactions. Entering a Support Ticket, with the link below, may be a better alternative to get your issue resolved.

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Have you bee able to get past your issue?
From the snippet of information you’ve provided it’s likely that there is a mismatched component of UTC running in your El Capitan system. There are numerous components relying on each other and if any of them do not match the application will fail to start properly.
This should be a relatively easy thing for our support team to troubleshoot and resolve. If you haven’t already reached out, please contact us directly (support@extensis.com) so we can provide you with the appropriate instructions for removing mismatched components. That and a clean installation should do the trick.

Extensis Font Solutions Team


Hi Chris
I ‘sort’ of solved it. I have to disable SIP on the macs running El Capitan but it doesnt seem to work on all macs with EC. I was hoping there would be an update to UTC, i keep updating EC when available but that doesnt seem to have any effect.


Late to the party here but there are a couple resources you can try:

Hope that helps.