Two types of Helvetica Neue issue


Hi – I recently upgraded to OS Sierra (10.12.3) and HelveticaNeu.dfont and the DeskInterfac.ttc fonts are required for system fonts loaded on my computer. I also have, and prefer, to use Helvetica Neue Open Type font. I also have Helvetica Neue True Type. Anyway, when I active the Open Type style, I get a conflict message. Could this be the system dftont or is it the True Type? In any event, I blindly ignore the message and it hasn’t been an issue (fingers crossed), but it is bothersome and I’m wondering if I should remove the TT wherever it might be.

Thanks. Sandra


Font management is sometimes challenging, especially when you have fonts that are similar in name or possible duplicated. We have created a handy guide on Font Managements Best Practices that may help with resolving your issue. Please use the link below for more information:

If you have additional questions, please use the link below to contact one of our Support Representatives: