Trouble with photoshop PSB Files


Hi all,
Photoshop (CC2017) crash every time I try to open a PSB file (Photoshop Big File).
After disabling Extensis plugin, photoshop back to work correctly.

…and, yes, I have the latest plugins installed.

Has anyone noticed the same behavior?


Thanks for your questions. We have not seen this specific behavior. It could be a setting in Suitcase or a particular font. I would suggest contacting one of our Support Agents to assist with this issue.



Thanks for the reply, but in the PSB files there are no fonts, images only.
But I try to contact support.



I have the same problem with PSB files. Disabling the plugin to photoshop works. Just one of the many little faults that come with this program.


Sorry you are having an issue with PSB files. As was noted above, this behavior is not expected and I would suggest contacting Support to help you out.

Please contact Support: http://www.extensis.com/company/contact-us/
Monday - Friday 8am-4pm PST