Triple activation of fonts? And many other issues


I have so many problems since font doctoring my library and installing Extensis Suitcase Fusion 4, but i’ll start with a small one for now:

I have one copy of this font, which i recently purchased. Why are there three instances of this font activated?
My computer (mid2009 MBP, 8GB Ram, Lion) is super slow meanwhile. In fact since installing Fusion 4, my computer is very unresponsive.
I have a big font library, but it’s been font doctored, and i only activated about 10 fonts atm.
I’ve noticed FMRenderer and FMCore go through the roof sometimes in my activity monitoring app (iStat Menu 3).

Another one is that the extensis plugin in illustrator is just whack, it’s slow loading, it’s unresponsive, it’s haphazard: sometimes it loads a font that i’ve selected, sometimes not. This is not a way to work.

I’m concerned about font doctors results. Entire families for example Helvetica Neue, are all named the same (Helvetica neue LT regular for the entire family?!) How can that be a good thing? I know have to visually activate every font)
To be clear, this is in Fusion app itself. When I’m in Photoshop, it seems to show the correct names of the individual family members.

I’ve had times when I’ve opened up photoshop or illustrator (newly installed, CS6, legit and purchased, latest update, not pirated) and it’s only loaded the most bizarre no western fonts which are used for the system i assume, like once it was 5 fonts?! And another time it was 15. But totally random.

Has anyone else had these issues? I really hope someone can help.
I’m happy to answer any questions or post data if it’ll help figure out where things are going wrong.

This all started happening since installing Suitcase 4.


PS - Bonus image:

Multiple versions of fonts

For technical support you should contact Technical Support directly via our main website. At first glance it looks like you have Adobe font cache issues, but it could also be font related as menu names in applications is not something that Suitcase has any control over, and are governed by the internals of the font and its embedded ‘menu name’ data.


Hello rgbk,

Have you been able to resolve this issue in Photoshop CS6? It appears another customer has reported a similar issue that could be one of the problems you logged:

In general, as my colleague (Chris) mentions, when you see weirdness in the Adobe CS font menus it is usually caused by your CS application reading out-of-sync Adobe font cache files (.fnt). However it is possible Fusion’s plugin activation process could be compounding the issue.

Unfortunately you have way too many issues going on her making it difficult to troubleshoot and diagnose them efficiently.

If possible, please contact us directly at (503) 274-7030 so we can log an official trouble ticket for each problem. This will give us an opportunity to gather additional details and hopefully resolve the issues quickly.

Here are some general comments to other items in your list below:
"I’ve noticed FMRenderer and FMCore go through the roof sometimes in my activity monitoring app (iStat Menu 3)."
FMRenderer is the process that runs Quickmatch synchronization in Fusion 4. It will consume a large number of available resources to perform its work but will subside once it scans your entire library. From your comments it sounds like you have a large number of fonts so it may take some extra time to get through them all.

"I’m concerned about font doctors results. Entire families for example Helvetica Neue, are all named the same (Helvetica neue LT regular for the entire family?!) "
Yeah not necessarily a good thing. Where are you reading this font names from? Is this in Fusion’s font lists, the font files themselves or your application (e.g. Photoshop)?
There are numerous name (internal font) fields that could be affected or just the display named ones. In many cases this may not affect use and performance but should be corrected to remove any confusion (for both yourself and your applications).

Anyway our Support Team is available to help you out and I’m confident we can resolve all of these issues so just give us a call - really we are nice people that want to help. :slightly_smiling:



Getting back to you, since i last wrote, i’ve upgraded to a Retina MBP, 2.3ghz/16GB RAM (Boom!)
Again, legal copies of Photoshop, fusion, the lot, so i’m certian this is all up to date and a perfect setup to see if their are faults.

The only issue i have atm is the duplicate fonts… it’s still happening!

I’ll contact support now.



Thanks Marc,

I will let them know you are calling and track their progress with you. I’ll involve our developers if needed. We’ll get to the bottom of this issue.



Cheers, appreciated, and happy to help with anything they need too so we can figure it out. Did that for the FontShop guys for their CS6 plugin which was buggin and it resulted in an update! Ta, Marc


i having the same with Page.app

then it’s not Adobe font cache !!!

it’s a nightmare



I am sorry you are experiencing “nightmarish” problems with font activation.

Unfortunately you haven’t provided enough information here for us to begin to assist you. We’ve not heard of this issue happening outside of CS applications so it’s best if you contact Extensis Technical Support so we can assist you. That is the most efficient way for us to help you through this issue.
You can email us at support@extensis.com. I will ask one of our technicians to reach out to you today.