Traditional previews - Can I add a permanent preview type?


I’m new to Suitcase (moving from FontExplorer) and wanted to ask if I a preview type can permanently added instead of typing each time again and again. In Fex I could add as many as I wanted which was great as I need a full Hebrew alphabet+numbers and Arabic Alphabet.
Is the only way to do that is to type the desired look?

thank you



It’s not clear which preview type you have selected (Paragraph, ABC, Waterfall, QuickType)? If you use the QuickType it should remember the text you enter, even if you quit and relaunch. So you should be able to do what you describe.


I would like to add preview for:

  1. Hebrew Alphabet + Numbers
  2. Arabic Alphabet + Numbers
  3. Arabic + Hebrew (For fonts contains both glyphs)

and I want all of these to be permanent so I can select each one and not retype whatever I need.
This is a feature that FontExplorer always had and I don’t see this option in Suitcase. I can only select what suitcase is offering or type it, or type it, but can’t save it for later use.

Since I work with many languages, I really need it.

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The text for all the different preview modes is editable. Given that it’s 3 lines you want, you could make use of the ABC123 preview mode since that provides 3 lines (upper case, lower case, numbers) to swap out the default text for what you want. The changes should be remembered even when you switch between preview modes, or quit and relaunch Suitcase.


So the answer is NO. It can not be set permanently.
This means, that if I will need to type a different view say for Turkish, than the previous view will be deleted and I will have to retype it.

I can not save this as another preview type that I can to toggle between them.

If I don’t want to type 3 lines, only one line for each language: Hebrew, Arabic and Turkish, I will have to retype it again and again.

Thank you