The disk copy was changed since you last opened it


After installing suitcase fusion 4 and its plugin into photoshop cs6, everytime I would hit save in photoshop, I get a nag screen that says disk copy has changed and do you want to save it anyway?

Suitcase is writing and changing my file in the background and not allowing photoshop to save. I mean this is a HORRIBLE disaster for anyone who saves frequently. What is extensis writing to the file in the background? I assume metadata.


I’m having the same problem in Photoshop as well as another problem…

**“Could not save “filename.psd” because the file is already in use or was left open by another application.” **

Are these two problems related? I know it’s FMCORE.EXE that has “left it open” because if I manually end that process I can save my file just fine. Anyone know how to fix this?