Text Preview Keeps Hiding Itself


I prefer the QuickType text preview type, and I want the preview text visible at all times. But whenever I hit Command-F to toggle the Find panel, the text preview hides itself. Why?? There is no reason both can’t be visible at the same time. If I wanted to hide it, I would click the button dedicated to that. Please fix this.


The Find function triggered when you use the shortcut Command+F, is a global search for fonts in all Libraries and Sets. It resets the pane to show all fonts and display the resulting search.

The search in the upper corner of Suitcase Fusion is a quick search. This search will only search the selected Library or Set you have selected in the left hand column of Suitcase Fusion.


Are you somehow under the impression that I asked what the difference is between the Find command and the quick search? I’m talking about the unnecessary hiding of the QuickType preview text every time I toggle the Find command.


I will submit your suggestion as a Future Feature request to our Development team. We appreciate your feedback.