System Freezes when upgrading to 18.2.2


After upgrading to 18.2.2, I was experiencing total system freezes when working with InDesign and Illustrator CC 2017. It was to the point that the haptic trackpad on my MacBook Pro was completely unresponsive, and rebooting was the only option.

To be sure it wasn’t anything else, I had done the following:
-Cleared font caches.
-Deleted preference files for Suitcase, InDesign, and Illustrator
-Updated Creative Cloud to latest versions
-Reinstalled Creative Cloud Desktop
-Made sure macOS Sierra 10.12.4 was current
-Removed all other plugins
-Reinstalled Suitcase Fusion 18.2.2
-In MacOS, ran SMC and NVRAM resets

None of this seemed to help. On a hunch, I contacted Extensis support to get the 18.2.1 installer, which I then ran. So far, none of the crashes, performance has been solid.

Has anyone else been experiencing this?


Hi Karl,

Thanks for your questions. I see our support team has responded to your issue. However, I would also like to know if you have a login item from a previous version of Suitcase in you User profile. Please check the following:

  • Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, then click Users & Groups
  • Select the user, then click Login Items
  • Remove any Suitcase references by selecting the item and clicking the minus button
  • Restart your computer

I would then recommend trying your system for the day and see if everything works properly. Then upgrade to the latest version of Suitcase and seeing if the performance remains the same.


Thanks for the reply–I just checked in the Login Items, and there are no references to Suitcase there. I don’t believe there were any before I started experiencing the issues.


Thanks for the reply. A couple of additional questions:

  • Is this a recently acquired or new computer? If yes, did you use the migration tool from Apple to move your files and applications to this machine?
  • Any recent upgrade from one macOS to another (i.e - 10.10 upgraded to 10.12)?


I’ve been using this machine for over a year, and keep it regularly updated, including the latest MacOS update. The latest MacOS update (10.12.4) was done on 3/27.


I did find the root of my issue (did take some time), and had nothing to do with Suitcase or any other plugin.

I was pretty methodical, and had deleted all Adobe CC apps, as well as plugins, ran all system patches, ran Disk First Aid, permissions repairs, SMC and NVRAM resets, as well as deleting older cruft (at times multiple instances of this), and still was getting the issue. Running hardware diagnostics indicated no issues. It did take quite some searching, but came to this—there’s a known bug with GPU acceleration in Adobe apps and the video driver in the OS for some Intel graphics chipsets. This doesn’t only affect Macs, but Windows machines (according to the Adobe boards) running the same chipset.

The result is a complete system crash, where everything, including the trackpad was unresponsive, necessitating reboots. Since turning off the GPU acceleration, things have been rock solid.



Thanks so much for the update on your issue, we appreciate it!