System Fonts in 10.8 Mountain Lion


Is it advisable to manage System Fonts in Fusion 4 in 10.8 (Mountain Lion)?
Should System Fonts be added to font vault and deleted from System/Library/Fonts?

What is the best way to handle System Fonts in Fusion 4 in Mountain Lion?


/System/Library/Fonts should not be modified from the default set as installed by the OS. If you wish to override these fonts in a Font Manager simply disable the Font Book Preferences, in particular the ‘Alert me if system fonts change’ option.

/Users//Library/Fonts and /Library/Fonts/ are up to you, whether you wish to move those fonts out to manage in your font manager, or leave them there but deactivate/reactivate in Suitcase as you want them. Personally I move them out, and also move them out as each application I install on my machine puts fonts in them, so that I know exactly which application installed which fonts. Then I create a library in Suitcase with the name of the specific application, and put the fonts in there. So I have separate font libraries for Adobe CS5.5, CS6, MS Office for Mac etc.




Having just bought a couple of new iMacs running Mountain Lion and Suitcase 4 I have since loaded my fonts library into the vault. I loaded the complete set Into a high level folder and then added them to new sets in suitcase which dropped them into the vault for management.

With the Mac came a host of fonts, some 50 or so (which I don’t intend messing with) show up in the System Fonts folder in Suitcase and then there’s a whole lot more under the System Fonts entry. These are in a separate set called (from memory, I’m not at my Mac) Local Fonts. I didn’t create this set, it was just ‘there’. Since I installed Suitcase I’ve loaded up MS Office, several CS6 applications, iWork and Xpress so now there are hundreds of fonts in this second ‘local fonts’ set

These fonts are all shown as being in the Library/Fonts folder. I want to get them out of there and add the originals to my library of original fonts and then add them to Suitcase which will automatically drop them into the vault.

The method I intend using is to simply quit Suitcase and drag the fonts out of the Library/Fonts folder and move them to a folder (or folders) with my original library. Then start up Suitcase and drop them back into a new set so that Suitcase puts them into the vault. Is this a reasonable way of achieving what I want to do or is there a different method I should use?



Short answer is yes, that’s what I do. But bear in mind that those fonts came with various applications and some (e.g. the Office fonts) can be required by the application they came with. So if you are going to remove them I typically add them into Suitcase in an organised way so that I know which fonts came with which application and if necessary can always turn them all on when I’m working in the relevant application.


I read your earlier post and wished I had been so prudent as to watch which fonts were loaded with which applications. It may be a bit late for me to do this now, however I still have most of the new software to add to a MacBookPro so may do this first and then note which fonts arrive with which software and follow that through when putting them in sets on the new iMacs.

Thanks for your help.



If you can’t do it that way, you should find that most application vendors do have a list online of installed fonts. Office is usually fairly simple as they’re all in a folder called Microsoft, and Adobe CS fonts are all supplied as ‘OTF’ fonts as opposed to the ‘TTF’ fonts that come with OSX.

But it’s certainly easier to empty the folder before installing anything so you know exactly what a particular application installs.



Yes I did a bit of Googling and found the lists of fonts installed with the applications and divided them into the appropriate sets so all is now as I wanted. A bit of an issue with one of the Apple fonts (GenevaCY.dfont) but I took it out of Suitcase and all now appears to be OK.

Just need Extensis and Quark to sort out the auto activation issue (which crashes Xpress 9.5 on load) and all will be well.

Thanks again for your help.