Syncronisation issues with 9.1.2


Dear All,

We are running Portfolio Server 9.1.2 on Windows 2008 R2 domain. We have not got the annual support subscription so cannot upgrade at the moment and I have been trying to fix an issue that has been going on for about a year so this is my last ditch effort!

We integrated with a company which had Portfolio about a year and a half ago. The company were pretty much totally mac apart from the portfolio server. There was no AD domain at all. The file share where the images were stored that Portfolio accessed was on a buffalo terastation and there were no NTFS permissions or ownerhip attributes etc just plain old files available for the mac users and the portfolio windows server to read and write to.

Since we took on the new company I integrated them in to a proper Active Directory environment and we have a domain controller and a file server and portfolio server which are all on the domain. We have linked the macs in to the domain as well and we now have a few windows pc’s.

Thus is when the problem started. basically, since that time, whenever a user creates an image on their pc and saves it to the file share on the server Portfolio stops synchronizing. I check the permissions and the domain administrator (which is the account that portfolio server runs under in the servers.msc on the server) has full control of the file but is not the owner (the owner of the file is the person who created the file). I have configured inheritable permssions on the file share so that the portfolio service account (domain administrator) has full access to the file)

In order to get everything working again I have to change the ownership on the file to the administrators group and then reboot the portfolio server.

I don’t know why Portfolio stops syncing when the account It uses to read through the file share hits a file that it is not the owner of even though it has permissions to access the file. I don’t know how to fix this.

Others must have the same issue on windows domains or I must have set something up wrong or be missing something.

This is so frustrating. I have lost probably 4 days of work over this over the last two months so any help would be really really appreciate guys

many thanks,