synchronizeFolder complete?


I want to move files around using C# System.File.Move and then update keywords. I can do both independently but doing them together in a script causes a problem because when I move the file I have no way of knowing when the folder sync is complete. Or do I?

Is there a way to know when the folder sync is complete after I’ve moved a file?


:ugeek: Greetings , vuelto !

:bulb: I would recommend that you first update the keywords and then perform the file move.


I think James’ suggestion is right on the money.

But if you decide to use the API to determine when a folder is in sync:
There is a Portfolio API to get sync status (and other details) for a folder tree, so you could poll on it and wait for the results to transition from out-of-sync to in-sync. Check out the docs for the API methods getDetailsForWatchFolder and getFolderTreeForWatchFolder, the docs for Folder: doc.extensis.com/api/portfolio/C … lders.html