Synching issues with Adobe and Typekit


Has anyone experienced any issues with Suitcase Fusion 6 and Typekit synchronisation in the last few days? I can’t see why this might have started, but in the last few days the window of the Creative Cloud desktop app has been completely blank after a fresh startup of the Mac. Adobe applications were running OK but there was no way I could have administered my CC account or accessed fonts or assets from the usual CC desktop window.

Adobe supplied the correct advice to get the panel working again but it reverted to blank every time I restarted or shut down the Mac. After some digging, and after having Suitcase open while trying to access the panel, I realised that the Typekit fonts listed in Suitcase were constantly synching and un-synching themselves on a loop. This appears to be what’s causing the problem, preventing the CC desktop app to load properly.

I uninstalled Suitcase completely, reset Creative Cloud, and everything is now working perfectly well after multiple test restarts.

Is this a known problem and does anyone have any thoughts if it’s a new issue?