Suite Prefences Default Keep Reseting


Here are my specs:

Suitcase Fusion 4 - Version 15.0.3 (494)
Mac OSX Mountain Lion 10.8.2
Mac Pro 2 x 2.66 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon

When I launch Suitcase I like to have the following window setting arranged:

  • Show Information (this means the panel is hidden)
  • Show Attributes (this means the panel is hidden)
  • Hide Font Preview (this means the panel is being shown)
  • Hide Font List (this means the panel is being shown)
  • Hide Preview Configuration (this means the panel is being shown)
  • Type Preview is set at: QuickType
  • Font size is set to 50 points
  • Font Library is selected and fold is showing all my fonts
  • The Main Window viewer is opened and expanded to maximum

Once I make all these setting tweeks to the Main Window View and I restart my Mac or restart the application
I lose all of these settings and Suitcase reverts back to it’s default settings. Is this normal? Shouldn’t Suitecase
restart and remember my settings from the last time the application was launched? Perhaps someone can tell
me what I’m doing wrong. If this is the norm perhaps Extensis could make a "remember last window settings"
check box in the preferences so we don’t have to tweet our view settings ever time the app relaunches.