Suitcase randomly closes my fonts


So frustrating. Late-model iMac, OS 10.9.5. Suitcase Fusion 6.

In Suitcase, I activate my fonts by selecting “Permanent.” In Suitcase Preferences, I have the auto-activation set for virtually every program I run. Everything works fine. Next day, or whenever I reboot, some, but not all, of my fonts have closed for no apparent reason. I’ll re-open them, everything will work fine. Next day, some will have closed — and not always the same ones!

This happened with Fusion 5 as well. Can anyone tell me what’s going on?


I can only think that maybe that the plug-ins may be overriding the permanent activation through their option to ‘Close fonts on document/application close’. Perhaps the plug-in is therefore turning off fonts you’re using in your documents when you close/quit.


Thanks. If this is the case, what do I do about it?


This happens with me too. Exactly the same scenario. I’m on an iMac late 2011, OSX 10.11, Suitcase Fusion 6. I have a few fonts open permanently and auto-activate other fonts as necessary in InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop from Adobe CC 2015. Slightly annoying!


I have a similar issue (if not the same), but have only noticed it with ID CS6. I don’t use PS & AI enough to have noticed. Using Late 2013 MBP w/ OSX 10.11.1. I have a “looping” issue, where I open a document using a particular font, and a dialogue box tells me the font can’t be found, that a substitute will be used instead. Then I go to Suitcase and the font is clearly activated, so I deactivate then permanently activate it again. Then return to Indesign and the font disappears from the list on the dialogue box of fonts not found. But then the system warns me that other fonts that were previously not a problem are now not found and adds them to the list of fonts not found. Then I perform the same actions with the new ‘not found’ font, and it happens with the other fonts.

Most of the time when I open a document, the fonts I regularly use (and which are permanently activated) are not working even though they’re turned on.