Suitcase Fusion VLA Changes


Josh from Extensis here. We recently sent out some pre-release information to users about upcoming product releases, and updates to our programs, and we’ve been getting a fair amount of questions on these changes. So I’m here to give you a quick rundown of the upcoming changes, and help answer some questions you might have about changes to our Fusion Volume License Agreements (VLA). The short version is that Fusion VLA’s are going away, and being replaced by Suitcase TeamSync.

Suitcase TeamSync is a subscription-based service that uses Suitcase Fusion as the client for sharing fonts online. Suitcase Fusion will still be around available for single users, but the Annual Service Agreement (ASA) for it is being replaced. With a Suitcase TeamSync subscription, your entire team always gets free upgrades to the most current version of Suitcase Fusion. You’ll never have to worry about your software staying up to date and compatible with Apple, Microsoft and Adobe updates.

When the next version of Suitcase Fusion launches, we are introducing new online serialization management features. Extensis will no longer distribute single serial numbers that can be used for every machine in your organization. All users will need to have their own Extensis.com account and login to use Suitcase Fusion. You’re probably already managing accounts for your Adobe Creative Cloud subscriptions this way, so we are confident that this should be a smooth transition for you.

Here is how things will affect owners of an active Fusion ASA. For Fusion VLA customers with a current ASA, you will have free access to Suitcase TeamSync through the end of your ASA period. At the end of those periods, you have the choice to renew TeamSync subscriptions at a reduced cost, or convert your licenses to a standard perpetual license of Suitcase Fusion. Perpetual licenses of Suitcase Fusion are not subscription based, but do not allow multiple users to sync libraries or font sets. Pricing on Suitcase TeamSync subscriptions isn’t available just yet, but will be soon.

These may seem like big changes, but we’ve been listening to feedback about what customers want from their service agreements, and know that this will ultimately benefit the bulk of our users in the end. While this is just a super condensed version of some publicly available information, you can read a more thorough breakdown of the changes at the links below. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to post them here, or shoot an email to info@extensis.com.

For more detailed information, follow the link below:
Have a Fusion VLA? http://tinyurl.com/FusionVLA