Suitcase Fusion Trial problems with Adobe products


Hi there

I recently used the trial version of suitcase fusion 6 on my Mac. When the trial ended i decided against it keeping it. So i uninstalled the program.

Now i get the following message every time i load up any Adobe products “The FMCore application that is currently running is incompatible with the Extensis plug-in.” And those same products can’t find half of my fonts!

Any help or suggestions most welcome!


How did you uninstall? Did you use our uninstall script, available on the support section of our website? If you simply trashed the application, then that would not remove all the plug-ins we install to Adobe applications, and hence the message you now get.


I was not aware of the uninstall script and could not find an uninstall option so I just dragged it into the trash.

So what can I do now?



You can find the uninstaller on the Suitcase Fusion 6 product support page on our website. You should download and run that, and if you still have problems, contact our support team directly for assistance.


Thank you Chris that worked to get rid of the FM Core message, but my Adobe products still can’t find half my fonts. Some installed, some typekit etc. Any suggestions?


Fonts are activated at a system level. If you’re not using Suitcase anymore to activate fonts, then you’re either installing fonts in your OSX font folders, or synchronising them from something like Typekit. It’s then down to applications to check the OS for active fonts.

If you think you have installed fonts that are missing then that’s a question for Adobe Technical Support, since you’re not using Suitcase. You can check in System Information to see if the fonts are listed there as installed, and check other applications (e.g. TextEdit) to see if they appear in the menus there to isolate that it’s an application specific problem. If so, it could be your Font Caches are corrupt. Of course Suitcase has a feature to clean font caches, but reinstalling it probably isn’t an option if your trial expired, so you’d have to look for alternatives or purchase the software.


Ok, i get it, brilliant Chris! Thanks again for all your help. Best wishes