Suitcase Fusion not responding


Hello, I was having some issues with Suitcase fusion, where I was unable to activate my fonts (it would say its activating and then just take forever with no progress). So I decided to upgrade suitecase to the latest version. However after installing, now suitcase does not open up. The first message said that message where it was about the FM core, but I’ve removed that folder and now it simply does not start up. I have to force quit the program. Please advise. I am running 10.10.2.


Below are a couple of steps to try to resolve your issue:

  • Close the Suitcase Fusion application (if running)

  • Make sure the FMCore process is stopped and not running in the background
    o You can ensure this is done by using the Activity Monitor application:
    ****Applications Folder>Utilities Folder>Open the Activity Monitor application (Quit the FMCore process)

  • Remove all the Suitcase Fusion preferences from the following location:
    o Users/{username}/Library/Preferences/com.extensis….( remove all com.extensis… preferences)

  • Check and make sure you have no Login Items selected for your user:
    o System Preferences>Users and Groups> Click the Login Items tab.

  • Restart your computer

  • Open Suitcase Fusion

If these steps do not resolve your issue, please contact our Support Team using the following link: