Suitcase Fusion is Slow


SF5 is relatively slow to render previews on a number of fonts.

Some previews, such as Veneer (a grungy font, relatively complex) take upwards of 5 seconds or more to render a preview. Both complex fonts and dingbats seem to render slow. I keep the font size fixed at what I believe is a reasonable preview size (36px). Previews are generally on fonts that aren’t active (I keep most of my library inactive).

Once the preview is rendered it’s fine for a brief period of time. I can switch away from and back to the preview, but after I’ve viewed a number of other previews and then return to Veneer (or one of the other complex fonts) it again takes 5 seconds or more to generate a preview.

Since I’m partial to more complex fonts (grunge, dingbats) and have a large collection, this is cumbersome for me. I don’t notice this issue when running FontExplorer or Font Book. No font that Suitcase Fusion has issues with appears corrupt, as indicated by either program or SF5 itself.

Unfortunately I prefer the SF5 interface (since Fontcase is retired) and feature set so I’d like to resolve the slowness.

Is there any type of undocumented customizable setting or fix that can be applied? Increasing the cache size, caching the previews as images, etc?

What I’ve tried:

The solutions posted on the Suitcase Fusion Knowledge Base (SF5 recommendations for OS X 10.9)
Restarting the computer
Clearing the font cache using SF5 tools (followed by restart)
Clearing the font cache using Mac Pilot (followed by restart)

My computer: Newer model Macbook Air, 1.7GHz Core i7 with 8GB RAM running Mac OS X 10.9.2

My fonts: I have about 4900 fonts in the library but only 100 or so are activated. I import all fonts into my library, and my library is kept on the same drive as my computer (built-in SSD).

Edit: Clarified some issues


Agree 100% here - have the same problems, with the same type of fonts. Veneer for me is also one that struggles immensely. I just downloaded some new fonts today and had to wait three or four minutes for some of them to generate previews. By which time I’d pretty much lost interest and chosen something else. I could have clicked through them one at a time in InDesign in a shorter time.

So, add my name to the list. Would be great if this could be addressed.


SO SLOW!!! I had been using Suitcase Fusion 2 on my MBP using Snow & SC4, later upgraded to Mavericks & using Adobe CC. Sure the fonts would not auto activate and such, but previews were fast. Any font the apps promoted me were missing I simply would activate a drag, but no big deal. I recently purchased a Mini and decided to go with the latest version of Suitcase. BIG DISAPPOINTMENT!!! SO SLOW!!! I had over 15K fonts on my laptop using SF2, overkill yes, but organized and it still runs faster that SF5 with about 4K font listed. Previews are slow, searches are slow and cleaning up duplicates was a nightmare! It was continuously crashing. I followed Extensis steps on preparing Suitcase and organizing my fonts as I did with SF2. I am disappointed so far with this purchase. I am considering installing 2 dispite the lack of support and auto activation, something not too great even in this latest release.


Exact same problem here.

SF5 is my font manager here at home. Down at the agency we use FontExplorer and the two things stopping me from advocating the switch to SF5 is the slowness outlined here (specifically the font preview issue, general searching, and the compiling of fonts that happens in smart sets) and the ever present Font Core issue — none of which are problems in Linotype’s product.

If those two things were addressed, switching to SF5 would be a no-brainer.


Is there any bypass found for all the slow loading fonts…
It’s just to annoying.